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Women and Social Media

Assumptions that women simply talk more than men but that’s not actually true. Women are actually better at expressing themselves than men.

Talking about women and Social Media here are my few observations and statistics:

•Women mostly use use social media sites which uses photos and visuals like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest. Picture sharing sites overall are very popular among women.

Men are more likely to participate in online forums like Reddit and LinkedIn.

•In social networking sites, women use it for relationship maintenance whereas men use it with the intention of forming new relationships.

•Data shows that both women and men have majority of top female friends in the sites. You know why?

•When picture sharing, women prefer portrait photos with direct eye contact and post cute selfies.

While men prefer more body shots that includes other people and post risky behaviour and self promotional post.

•When chatting in social networking sites women use more words like OMG or LOL and men uses more authoritative words like yeah and ok ( like our father’s).

PS will edit more later:-)

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